TBT - an old-timey epic ping pong throwdown

I just came across this massive 2009 project while digging through my archive. It's still one of my favourites. I almost can't believe that it's been 5 years since we shot it.

A huge number of people and companies lent time and equipment to help produce it, including: Peter Dell'Agnese, Andrew Easson, Donna Irvine, Geoff BlandKatie and Karissa Strain, Berman and Co., the former Headshots Rentals, Production ServicesThe Amsterdam Brewery, plus a whole raft of assistants and background talent (if you look closely, you'll spot a bunch of notable creatives who lent their faces to the crowd).

I also managed to convince my good friend, the DOP Geoff Bland to come out and use the day as an elaborate test of the first Red camera (the Red One). Matt Dochstader (now an accomplished FX artist at Topix, then a hard working young tape-room guy/father of brand new twins) helped edit it. The result is absurdly silly, but it still brings a tear of nostalgia to my eye...