RIP The Grid

RIP The Grid. You were a great magazine, made by exceptionally talented people. Photo editor Shelbie Vermette-Grant and creative director Vanessa Wyse are two of the most inspiring and inventive creative partners I've had the honour of working with. We made some fun stuff together.

Here's my little trip down memory lane...

Two years ago, we shot a whole bunch of food trucks for your 1st anniversary issue (which won some National Magazine Awards).


Last summer, we made a ridiculous series of pictures for your TIFF issue, featuring a nearly naked Andrew Cottingham. (Nice socks, buddy.) 

side note: the couple featured in this shot met on our set and have been in mad love ever since. I take full credit. I expect them to both invite me to their wedding, and/or to name their first born after me.


In February, I shot a Adam Vaughan, our newly elected MP from Trinity-Spadina, for the cover.


And, finally, I had the honour of appearing on the cover myself just 5 short weeks ago (photographed by the wonderful Jamie Hogge). I got to yell at a dog. That was satisfying.


Sad to see you go. But looking forward to seeing the wonderful things your creators, employees, and contributors get up to next.