Look at these portraits of ‘Medieval Dwarf-like Creatures’ (MDLCs) and middle management turtles. Just look at ‘em. I, for one, am blown away by how expressive those turtles are. They nailed it. Seriously, who knew reptiles had acting chops like that?

I shot them a few weeks ago as part of FedEx's hilarious new campaign by the fine folks at BBDO (creatives Shawn James and Sean Atkinson, who are collectively known as “The Shawn/Sean’s”, despite how difficult it is to write).  My photos will be showing up in browsers everywhere for the foreseeable future.  So keep your eyes peeled.  The centrepiece of the campaign is a spot, directed by Peter Martin, that is extraordinarily strange and very watchable.  Take a gander at it here.

Client: FedEx; Agency: BBDO Art Director; Writer: Sean Atkinson; Art Producer: Kay Izzard; Account Supervisor: Jaya Gothi