Something a little different: 3 years of pictures for Pehr Designs.

A few years ago, my pal Jen Kelly asked if I'd take some pictures for Pehr Designs, the textile company she and Becca Perren were preparing to launch. Young companies and risk takers are awesome, so I was thrilled to lend them a hand. We made clean, muted images that were broken by splashes of colour, featuring humanely worn materials. It was hugely fun, and satisfyingly different from my other work.

Happily, the launch was very successful. Since then, they've made consistently wonderful products and worked incredibly hard. The result is that you'll find Pehr products in shops, blogs, and magazines throughout the US and Canada. I love entrepreneurs, and it's exciting to see these guys have the success they richly deserve.

Here is a little sampling of the images we've made, starting with the first:

As we built a library of images, we expanded the look established early on. Some pictures included big, soft washes of colour:

Quite a few have been overhead, showcasing their lovely tabletop products:

I particularly liked these two pictures, which are carbon copies of each other, with varied tablesettings:

Last year, they released a line of kids products called Petit Pehr. We decided to do something completely different, and shot on location at a farm in Caledon, Ontario. They're probably my favourite pictures we've made together. Though that might be because it was such a nice day. Really, it was an absurdly lovely day to spend shooting outside: