Zombies, so many zombies.

This summer, my good pal, the producer Matt Kloske, and the fine folks over at Agency59 and Cartilage invited me to come out and take these pictures as part of the astonishingly creative campaign for the Heart and Stroke Foundation's attempt to break the world record for CPR training.  With zombies.  Lots and lots of zombies.

Because the first thing I think of when I hear someone yell - ZOMBIES! - is CPR.  Obviously.

Vincenzo Natali (the director behind Cube and Splice) shot a viral ad called The Undeading that can be seen here.  The campaign is designed to inspire folks to head up to Canada’s Wonderland on October 25th to learn CPR and participate in a world record attempt for the largest group CPR training.  Ever.  Yes, that is apparently a real Guinness World Record.  They’re aiming for 10000 people.  October 25th (that’s this Thursday) is the night of the Halloween Haunt, and tickets are just $15.  So put on your finest zombie gear, and head on up.